Commercial pilot licenses

Want to fly for a living?

A Commercial Pilot Licence is essential if you want to advance your PPL(H) and get paid to do the job you love.

Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(H)

Helicopter Services train pilots to a high standard for their EASA Commercial Pilot Licence. We aim well above what is required to just pass the skill test at the end of the course. Your training will include the ground-based aspects of planning and organisational structure as well as the flying.

We usually train on the R22 helicopter but can accommodate many other types if required. ICAO and military licence conversions have different requirements to the ones listed below, but contact us if you are unsure of your personal requirements and we will be happy to help. We offer this training on the Cabri G2 and Robinson R22.

Commercial Pilot Licence Requirements

Before starting the Commercial Pilot Licence course at Helicopter Services, you must hold a Class I medical, have 155 hours of flight time on helicopters. Of these, 50 hours must be Pilot in Command time with a minimum of 10 hours of cross-country flying.
If you hold a PPL(A) you may claim up to 20 hours credit towards the 155 hours.
If you hold a CPL(A) you may claim up to 50 hours credit towards the 155 hours.

Commercial Pilot Licence Course

You must also have completed the CPL or ATPL ground exams, which we do not offer training for at Helicopter Services. However, we work in partnership with Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training and would recommend them for ground training.

The Commercial Pilot Licence course consists of 30 hours of dual flight training. Of this, 20 hours are visual flight instruction and 10 hours are instrument training. We also offer the night rating which requires 5 hours of additional flying at night if done within the CPL course.

At the end of the flying course, you will demonstrate your abilities to a CAA accredited examiner before acquiring your helicopter Commercial Pilot Licence!

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